Name: Sirule Tanah
Birthplace: Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of Birth: 08/29/2020 AD
Date of Death: 06/15/27 NE
  • Military tactical combat
  • Leadership
  • Close quarter combat
  • Mid and long ranged weapons
Sirule Tanah is Combatant Commander of the branch of Star RUST military services known as Fifth RUST. These commanders are established to provide effective command and control of RUST military forces, regardless of branch or service. The chain of command for operational purposes goes from Victor Thorne to the Chief Combatant Commander, Jawgo, to Combatant Commander. As a respect to his religion and his fallen enemies, Sirule sprinkles blue dust on his victims in hope that God forgives them for their clouded vision. While he keeps his religious beliefs to himself the memory of the once blue sky is his reminder to stay focused on the one true way.